Using Argan Oil for Acne

maskSad to say, but acne is not just a condition that affects teenagers. Individuals of any age can suffer from this frustrating skin condition. Add to this the fact that over-the-counter acne products often tout chemical laden compounds that can actually inflame acne by drying out the skin causing adverse reactions and making the affected look worse than before. Pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and cysts all fall under the category of acne. Oily skin types are more prone to acne, but these problems can also arise in dry skin. The main causes of this skin condition include a build-up of dead skin cells, excess production of sebum and bacterial growth.

The good news is that acne can be treated with the help of pure argan oil. Argan oil addresses the underlying causes of acne and promotes overall skin health. Using argan oil to treat acne can be an effective alternative to conventional harsh skin regimens.

Argan oil is naturally rich in antioxidants, which can prevent cell oxidation and resulting skin conditions. The primary antioxidant in argan oil is vitamin E which has been shown to keep skin oil production in balance by creating naturally oil-free moisture. Additionally, vitamin E can decrease skin inflammation that often accompanies acne.

Argan oil is the perfect complement to a cleansing routine. Follow the steps below for a healthier brighter complexion:

  1. Wash the affected twice a day with Ultimate Moroccan Oil Deluxe Exfoliating Soap.
  2. Pat dry with a towel.
  3. Carefully apply Ultimate Moroccan Oil Skin Brightening Mask as noted in product directions.
  4. Allow mask to remain on skin for 20 minutes.
  5. Once mask is removed, use fingertips to gently massage any additional argan oil from the mask into the skin using a circular motion.
  6. Skin will feel fresh and tingly and will appear brighter.
  7. Use brightening mask once a week for best results.

Argan oil is an effective solution for skin problems, but it is also used for overall preventive health. For more information on the healing affects of argan oil, visit our website at


Causes of Dark Circles and Ways to get Rid of Them

We all know what late nights are and the feeling of being “boned tired”.  Have you ever woken up from a good nights sleep with dark circles and bags under your eyes and thought to yourself, “Ugh, I went to bed at a decent time, then why are they still here?”  As part of the workforce I spend most of my days in the office, and when I get home I like to relax or hang with some friends while still going to sleep at a reasonable hour.  So when I woke up this morning only to find really big bags and dark circles had formed under my eyes while I was asleep; I just had to find out what causes them as well as what I can do to get rid of them.

After only a couple of minutes of searching online for information that would explain what the cause of dark circles really is, I stumbled across a web article entitled, “Causes of Dark Circles” that was written to help explain what  causes the circles that form under our eyes.

First off, a common misconception is that dark circles are caused by fatigue.  The reason this theory came around is that when your body is tired your skin becomes paler therefore causing the skin under your eyes to look darker.

The most common causes of dark circles are sun exposure, age and nutrition.  The sun raises your level of melanin in the skin causing the sensitive skin under your eyes to become darker.  As we age the skin around our eyes starts to thin out even more than usual; this allows the discoloration of your skin to become more noticeable, around the places on your body that have the thinnest layer of skin.

In some random cases a lack of vitamins in your body will lead to the appearance of dark circles.  However if you change up your diet and start to intake more protein, fruits, vegetables and vitamins the dark circles under your eyes should start to gradually disappear  over time.

There are multiple different ways of getting rid of the dark circles.  They can range from using a makeup foundation, concealer, or a topic cream that contains caffeine, which helps blend the dark circles into the skin.

If you are not happy with the results of the topical cream there is a more drastic measure that you can do.  The other option you have involves actually going “under the knife” and have surgery performed on the areas around the eyes. 

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The Importance of Skin Care as We Age

As we get older the time spent taking care of our skin starts to increase.  Days of waking up and just washing our face with mild soap and water while running out the door with beautiful, healthy, glowing skin is unfortunately no longer an option.  When we age our skin starts to age as well.  We start seeing wrinkles and bags under our eyes.  As well as certain dark spots that start to appear on our skin.

For women in their 30s taking care of their skin is a longer, but necessary, process.  I found an article entitled “Skin Care for a 30-Year-Old Person” by Lynette DiPalma, which listed a set of steps that a person should follow in order to have healthy skin.

The first step discussed is the importance of applying sunscreen on a daily basis.  As we age our skin becomes thinner and therefore tends to absorb more harmful UV rays, causing sun damage to our skin.  By protecting our skin with a little sunscreen you can cut back significantly on the amount of sun damage your skin shows.  Sun damage to your skin can appear in small dark spots or discolorations along your face and body.

The second step, which may seem like a no brainer is to use a moisturizer.  There have been so many times in which I have stepped out of the shower and have forgotten to apply lotion to my face and body.  It is important that you remember to do this, especially with the transition from the cold winter months that we have just endured, to the warmer spring months.  The transition between hot air and cold air will dry out your skin out faster than in the summer.  So remember to moisturize, it is important to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Another step listed in keeping your skin healthy is to exfoliate, your face and body.  When you exfoliate your skin, you are buffing off all the dead skin cells, revealing the healthy, glowing skin underneath.  It is recommended to do this three to five times per week.

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Tips for Healthy Skin for your 20s

When you are in your 20s the skin care regimen required to keep your skin healthy and beautiful is not as time consuming as when you are older.  This is the time to start to develop good skin care habits that will help you throughout your life as well as when your skin care regimen increases.

In the article, “How to Take Care of Your Skin in Your Twenties” written by Michelle Kulas, she mentions 6 easy tips that will help you to develop good skin care habits.

The first tip she mentions is to clean your skin with mild soap twice a day.  If you are like me and don’t have time to shower two times a day, washing your face in either the morning or at night with mild soap or a skin cleanser can be just as effective.

Make sure you don’t over wash your skin as this can sometimes lead to acne developing in your pores.

Another very important way to keep your skin healthy is to drink plenty of water and eat foods that are rich in antioxidants. Developing good eating habits is very critical to achieve and maintain healthy skin.  Foods that are rich in antioxidants are berries, nuts fish as well as fruits and vegetables.  Avoid foods that are high in fat and grease, these foods have been known to clog pores causing acne to appear on the skin.

Another step that can be forgotten is to avoid tanning beds.  Lying in a tanning bed only does more harm than good when it comes to potential side effects.  Tanning beds contain harmful UV rays that can create deep wrinkles and give your skin a leathery look and feel.  If you are exposed to these harmful UV rays for excessive amounts of time, this may eventually lead to melanoma, otherwise known as skin cancer. So if you can, avoid tanning beds all together; there are other safer alternative ways that you can use to get the “sun kissed” shade you want.  One suggestion is to use tanning products such as, lotions and moisturizers, which are made from natural ingredients.

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Effects of Using Bleaching Creams

The chemical makeup of our skin starts to change as we age.  For some people it is small dark spots that cover parts of their body for others it is a discoloration that covers most of their body.  One reason these spots begin to appear is that our body starts to produce a higher level of melanin than when we were younger.  Another explanation for these spots could just be that they are sun spots, which is damaged skin caused by spending excess amounts of time in the sun.

There are many skin care creams in the market that can help get rid of these dark spots as well as even out your skin tone.  However when choosing a lightening cream be sure to look at the list of ingredients.  Some lightening creams contain Hydroquinone.  Hydroquinone is, “an ingredient found in many skin lightening products for the purpose of reducing age spots, melisma, unwanted freckles and other types of hyper-pigmentation.”  This is a chemical that slows down the production of melanin; melanin is the dark pigment in your skin.  People with a higher level tend to have darker skin then those with a lower level of melanin.

According to the article, “Effects of Hydroquinone on Skin” since Hydroquinone is considered a harsh chemical, there have been certain side effects reported by people who have used lightening products containing Hydroquinone.

Skin irritations are common when using bleaching creams and can range from slightly red, blotchy spots to  skin that has the appearance of being bruised.  Using bleaching creams can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, causing you to burn faster than normal.  Remember to always apply sunscreen when going outdoors in the summer and even in the winter. 

Skin discolorations can be a result of using a product that has a high percentage of Hydroquinone.  If using bleaching creams avoid using products that have more than 2%.

If you are looking to lighten your skin at least three to four shades, or to even out your skin tone, consider products that are made from all natural ingredients.  FloClaire has a range of lightening products that will lighten your skin two to three shades.  The active lightening ingredients in their O’tentika and Hypercreme lightening lines are Mulberry Root Extract and Licorice Extract.  These are completely safe for your skin and do not have any side effects as creams that contain Hydroquinone.

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The Best Stretch Mark Cream

Attributed to: Bonnie MeChelle                 

Stretch marks, or striae can appear on anyone’s body as a result of rapid weight gain, during pregnancy (for women) and in the teenage years when the body is growing quickly and hormones are out of balance. When they first form, stretch marks appear as reddish or purple streaks on your skin. As they begin to heal they can turn lighter or silvery sometimes leaving deep scars on the skin that are difficult to get rid of.

That’s why preventing stretch marks before they form on your body is best.  However if you’ve got embarrassing stretch marks you’ll want to find the best products that are formulated specifically for stretch marks to get rid of them as soon as possible. Some women who have stretch marks on their lower stomach, upper arm or thigh area simply try their best to cover them up with clothing. But if you want to get out there and wear your swimsuit proudly, there are products designed for getting rid of stretch marks that you can try.

The best products for stretch marks include ingredients that nourish the skin, such as Vitamins A, C, D and E. Other ingredients that are formulated to deeply moisturize the skin reduce the damage and regulate the production of melanin in the skin helping to smooth out the appearance of the stretch marks.  They are wheat germ oil (which contains vitamin E) natural Shea butter, white mulberry and licorice root oil.

The best stretch mark cream contains natural ingredients that actually help to fade the appearance of stretch marks.

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3 Tips for Getting Rid of Unwanted Freckles

Attributed to: Bonnie MeChelle                 

Getting rid of unwanted freckles is possible, however it will take some time and effort to do so. Freckles are small, flat, dark spots that appear on the skin mainly during the summer months of sun exposure.  Freckles are not harmful and they usually fade away by themselves.  This typically happens when the weather gets colder and people stop going outside as much as they did in the summer.

If you have freckles on your face and you want to get rid of them, here are some tips that you can try:

1. Apply lemon juice to your freckles with your hands and leave it on for 15 minutes. Avoid any sun exposure afterwards.

2. Apply a mask of yogurt and honey to your freckles. Leave it on your skin for 30 minutes and then gently rinse it off.

3. Use an all natural skin lightening cream after your normal skincare routine twice a day, until your freckles have receded.  Once that happens you can continue to use the lightening products, once a day or once every other day.

Now that we have talked about getting rid of unwanted freckles, you should know that they are completely preventable. You can avoid getting freckles by always protecting your skin with sunscreen when you are going out in the sun.

Don’t forget that you must re-apply sunscreen when you sweat it off. Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your face and eyes from the harmful UVA rays from the sun.

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How to Care for Your Beautiful Skin in Winter

With winter just around the corner and snow falling in my “neck of the woods”, I decided that I would take the time and find some simple steps that would help me during the long cold winter ahead.

I stumbled across an article entitled, “Skin Care in Winter-Help Your Dry Itchy Skin”, featured on the website that listed just a few simple tips on how to avoid the “winter skin itch”.  When I started reading the article I was surprised at how insightful it was about the symptoms that most people have and how they react to them.  As for me, I never use moisturizer in the summer and only start to apply it when my skin is already cracked, dry, itchy and painful.  Avoid doing this, it takes a lot longer to heal your skin than it does to prevent the “winter skin itch”.

Some simple steps listed in the article are basically to, not over wash your skin in hot water, as well as exfoliating once a week.  When you get out of the shower apply your moisturizer immediately.  Your skin is more absorbent when it is damp.

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How to Fade Age Spots for Younger Looking Skin

Attributed to: Bonnie MeChelle                 

Have you noticed age spots appearing on your skin as you have gotten older? Those brown spots on your face, hands, chest and arms are often called age spots, but are more accurately referred to as sunspots because they are a result of sun damage rather than age. Did you know that there is an all natural skin lightening cream that can help you solve that problem?

When your skin is exposed to the sun and is unprotected from the harmful UVA rays, it becomes damaged. The tan that appears on your body after having been in the sun is not healthy; rather it is evidence that your skin has suffered sun damage.

Melanin, the natural pigment in your skin is there to protect your skin from being damaged b y the sun.  Age spots or sunspots appear after years and years of damage from the sun on your skin.

Regardless of how they got there, you don’t want those dark spots on your skin. There are natural skin lightening products that you can use to fade age spots away, so that your skin looks younger and healthier. The best skin lightening products use only natural ingredients to gently fade away the appearance of these age spots.

Use products with ingredients such as licorice extract, which absorbs both the UVA and UVB rays from the sun, to protect your skin from sun damage. Vitamin C nourishes the skin and protects it from free radicals in the environment that could damage your skin. Look for products with these ingredients to get rid of your age spots and reveal younger looking skin.

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How to Fade Dark Spots and Discolorations on Your Skin

Attributed to: Bonnie MeChelle

As we get older and our skin starts to show the signs of aging, we can sometimes begin to see dark spots and discolorations appear on our skin. But take heart.  You can fade those dark spots and discolorations that might be making you look older than you feel.

There are natural skin lightening products that do not use harsh, irritating or dangerous chemicals to lighten your skin. When you are looking for the best skin lightening products, always look for products that are hydroquinone free. Products with all natural ingredients work without causing irritation and possible damage to your skin, that the harsh chemicals like hydroquinone can cause.

Fade creams are formulated to lighten skin work in several different ways. Some ingredients act as a barrier from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun that darken and damage the skin. Other ingredients such as mulberry root and licorice extracts inhibit the production of melanin, the skin’s natural pigment, while some other ingredients slough off old skin revealing lighter skin underneath.

If you want to fade dark spots on your skin the first step is to find the best products to use on your face, and apply it according to the directions, along with your normal skincare routine.  Prevention is always the best medicine.  So be sure to protect your skin from the harsh environment by eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water to keep your skin sufficiently hydrated.

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