Tips to Help you Avoid a Bad Hair Day

We have all been there.  We wake up feeling great, ready to take on the day, but when we look into the mirror, all we can see is the very large bird’s nest that has now become our hair.  No matter how much time is spent trying to fix it, either by straightening, blowing drying, washing or even curling; nothing seems to change.

I woke up this morning to my own very bad hair day and decided that I would look up an article that would teach me a few simple tips on how to deal with it as well as manage my hair.  The article I found is entitled “Bad Hair Day?” by  The article was filled with some basic information that most of us forget when we are too busy tugging and pulling at our hair, begging for it to comply with us.

One simple tip they suggested was to decrease the amount of heat used on your hair.  If you skip a day between heating your hair, you are actually reducing any future damage.  If your hair is exposed to too much heat from your blow dryer, flat iron or curler your hair can become dry, brittle and eventually damaged; making your hair appear to be frizzy and unmanageable.

Another tip is to avoid crash diets.  Crash diets are never a good idea; not only are they really hard to stick to but to maintain throughout your life as well.  However another reason to avoid them is because with a crash diet you can lose a significant amount of hair during the process and can continue to fall out after you are done with the diet.

Do you want to avoid those pesky pimples that always seem to form at your scalp line?  Simply just keep any styling products away from the general area.  If you are going to use hair products try to put something over your face, such as a washcloth, towel or sheet, as you spray in that general direction.  That way the product doesn’t make contact with your skin, creating an extra layer of oil on your skin.  Also avoid large headbands or caps that can cause you to sweat this can lead to clogging your pores, which is a cause of acne.

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These are just a few tips that can help you in the battle against bad hair.  For more information visit

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