Why Choose Paraben Free Beauty Products?

imagesParaben-free is a buzz word within the cosmetic and beauty products industry. And, while many people know it is something to avoid, they don’t know much more than that.
With that in mind we wanted to take the time to educate you on what paraben is and why you might want to consider adding more paraben-free products to your current beauty regime.

Parabens were introduced the 1930s as preservative chemicals that are used to prevent bacterial growth in a wide variety of items, including beauty products. Many cosmetic manufacturers use them because they are cheap and do a good job preventing fungal growth.

In recent years, however, there has been growing concern regarding the affect these additives have on health and wellness.

Effects of Parabens
It is important to point out that people can have differing reactions to parabens, however, the most common problem is skin irritations, including eczema and psoriasis. This is especially common in individual with allergies or sensitive skin. Additionally, some researchers have found that paraben can have a negative impact on hormonal balance because their chemical composition closely resembles that of the hormone estrogen. Some studies have also found trace amounts of paraben in breast cancer tissue leading doctors to question if there is a connection between exposure to this chemical and developing cancer.

Vigilance is important in detecting paraben in your beauty products. Always check the
ingredients to see what you are putting on your skin and hair. Some of the most common paraben derivatives include paraben right in their name – butylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben. However others, such as Alkyl parahydroxy benzoates can be trickier to detect.

Some individuals might suggest that there is no real proof that parabens are harmful. To them we ask, “Why would you take a chance with your health?” At Floclaire, our mission is to provide our customers with best and healthiest beauty care products. This include the O’tentika line which recently announced that many of their products are paraben free (and by the end of 2016 their entire line will be paraben free).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our products. We are proud to offer natural options for healthy hair and skin.


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