Why are Fatty Acids Important for Healthy Skin and Hair?

In today’s health crazy culture, the word fat is often associated with obesity, heart disease and a myriad of other unhealthy lifestyle choices. To suggest that fat in some way might benefit the body seems ludicrous to some. However, as doctors and other health practitioners have been preaching for year, there are some fats that are actually beneficial to the body and are necessary to maintain health and vitality.

o-tentika-maxitone-fade-out-cream-68Fatty acids are one such “fat” that the body needs to sustain its well-being. Not only are they good for heart health, but they also help maintain healthy hair and skin.  Here are a few benefits of fatty acids for skin and hair.

How it helps the Skin
Fatty acids have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Some research has suggested that they protect skin cells from inflation brought on from exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun and help lessen the damage theses rays can cause. Other studies show that skin fortified with fatty acids might not burn as quickly as skin without this protection. (Regardless of this, it is still vitally important to apply sunscreen daily!)

Fatty acids also can provide a powerful anti-aging benefits by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. They have been shown to improve moisture levels in the skin when used topically by promoting deep hydration at the epidermal level. They also support the exchange of important nutrients, vitamins and minerals through thclear_hydrating_shampooe cell walls by keeping membranes healthy and supple, resulting in skin that feels smoother and has less sensitivity.

Benefits for the Hair
The scalp is an extension of the skin. Its health ensures the healthy growth of hair. Some studies have shown that fatty acids can help balance scalp pH, decrease inflammation and increase blood flow. The result is strong, healthy and lustrous hair that resists splitting and breaking.

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