How Argan Oil is Made

Argan-fruit-800x533With so many valuable uses for the hair, skin and even cosmetics, it’s no wonder that argan oil is such a highly sought after product. But where does this “miracle oil” come from? How is it made? Don’t let argan oil’s subtle nutty aroma fool you. This precious commodity is not made from a nut.

Because argan oil comes from Morocco, it is most commonly referred to as Moroccan Argan Oil. The Argan Tree, which is native to Morocco, is the ultimate source for this oil. The Argan tree, itself, produces a round, nut-sized fruit; within this fruit is a hard-shelled seed, commonly referred to as the argan “nut.” This nut contains one to three argan-oil rich kernels. Extracting the oil from the nut is a tedious process, and is typically done by the Berber women, native to Morocco.

Workers handpick the fallen fruit and open up the fruit to obtain the pit, which is then left out in the sun to dry. Once dry, the workers crack the nut seed open to get the kernels out, separating them from the nut, which can be a very labor-intensive process. Once separated from the nut, the kernels are then ground into a brown paste with a stone quern, until the paste ultimately resembles peanut butter.

The paste is then rolled into small ball shapes, which are kneaded over and over. This kneading process continues until the dough-like balls become hard and the oil is extracted. The solid remains are used in soap or animal feed. While this is the traditional method for extracting the argan oil, today, some cooperatives are using a modern mechanical cold press form of extraction.

Full of some of nature’s best ingredients, including vitamin E, tocopherols and unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil is used for numerous reasons: antioxidants, chronic inflammation, overall skin health, anti-aging properties and more. With all its amazing health benefits, the demanding process that ultimately produces this natural wonder is worth it in the end.

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