Argan Oil for Massage

Argan oil for massageWho can resist a good massage? Whether for pampering or for therapeutic reasons, massage has great health benefits. However, choosing which oil to use can be difficult. With all the choices of massage oils available, why not chose the one that is known for revitalizing and transforming the quality of your skin—Moroccan Argan Oil. From its practical benefits to its health benefits, Moroccan Argon Oil is an excellent massage oil choice for these reasons:

  •  It is lightweight and absorbs easily into the skin, making it convenient for getting dressed immediately without requiring a shower to remove excess oils.
  • Because argan oil is derived from argan kernels, it is free of any strong fragrance.
  • Argan oil relieves joint pain, improves circulation and soothes muscles due to its wide range of nutrients that have anti-inflammatory properties including antioxidant flavonoids, sapponins and tocopherols.
  • Argan oil is all natural and suitable for all skin types and can be gentle enough to use on most infants (check with your pediatrician before using).
  • It nourishes the skin keeping it flexible and hydrated.
  • The all-natural ingredients contain anti-aging and healing properties such as fatty acids, Omega 6, Vitamin E and linoleic acid making it an effective treatment for other skin issues such as acne, pimples, and eczema.
  • It moisturizes dry skin and protects skin from the sun’s dry heat.

Discover the powerful benefits Moroccan Argan Oil provides when combined with the joy of massage. Check out our website for more ideas on how to use Moroccan Argan Oil in your daily beauty routine, as well.