Keep the Dryness at Bay

With the harsh winter months around the corner it is time to prepare your skin for the harsh elements. I know there are many of us that wait until our skin is dry, cracking and peeling to take charge of our skin care regime to and try reverse the affects.  However when it comes to your skin it is best to take preventative care than waiting for the damage.  One thing that can help you prevent scaly skin is adding argan oil to your regime.  I find this oil to rather versatile and beneficial.

Right when I get out of the shower I blot my body with a towel to absorb most of the water but not all. With some water still on my skin I apply a combination of lotion and argan oil. The Ultimate Argan Oil is perfect for my lotion oil and concoction, however test a small area with your lotion and oil combination before applying all over to ensure there will be no skin irritation. 

Helpful hints:

  • Applying any moisturizer right after a shower helps lock in moisture
  • Floclaire has a sale for the month of October, which makes for a perfect time to stock up on argan oil and other moisturizers we carry. Check out and enter SW2013 for 15% off your order.
  • It is easier to prevent than treat so moisturize everyday to keep the dryness at bay