Causes of Dark Circles and Ways to get Rid of Them

We all know what late nights are and the feeling of being “boned tired”.  Have you ever woken up from a good nights sleep with dark circles and bags under your eyes and thought to yourself, “Ugh, I went to bed at a decent time, then why are they still here?”  As part of the workforce I spend most of my days in the office, and when I get home I like to relax or hang with some friends while still going to sleep at a reasonable hour.  So when I woke up this morning only to find really big bags and dark circles had formed under my eyes while I was asleep; I just had to find out what causes them as well as what I can do to get rid of them.

After only a couple of minutes of searching online for information that would explain what the cause of dark circles really is, I stumbled across a web article entitled, “Causes of Dark Circles” that was written to help explain what  causes the circles that form under our eyes.

First off, a common misconception is that dark circles are caused by fatigue.  The reason this theory came around is that when your body is tired your skin becomes paler therefore causing the skin under your eyes to look darker.

The most common causes of dark circles are sun exposure, age and nutrition.  The sun raises your level of melanin in the skin causing the sensitive skin under your eyes to become darker.  As we age the skin around our eyes starts to thin out even more than usual; this allows the discoloration of your skin to become more noticeable, around the places on your body that have the thinnest layer of skin.

In some random cases a lack of vitamins in your body will lead to the appearance of dark circles.  However if you change up your diet and start to intake more protein, fruits, vegetables and vitamins the dark circles under your eyes should start to gradually disappear  over time.

There are multiple different ways of getting rid of the dark circles.  They can range from using a makeup foundation, concealer, or a topic cream that contains caffeine, which helps blend the dark circles into the skin.

If you are not happy with the results of the topical cream there is a more drastic measure that you can do.  The other option you have involves actually going “under the knife” and have surgery performed on the areas around the eyes. 

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