Effects of Using Bleaching Creams

The chemical makeup of our skin starts to change as we age.  For some people it is small dark spots that cover parts of their body for others it is a discoloration that covers most of their body.  One reason these spots begin to appear is that our body starts to produce a higher level of melanin than when we were younger.  Another explanation for these spots could just be that they are sun spots, which is damaged skin caused by spending excess amounts of time in the sun.

There are many skin care creams in the market that can help get rid of these dark spots as well as even out your skin tone.  However when choosing a lightening cream be sure to look at the list of ingredients.  Some lightening creams contain Hydroquinone.  Hydroquinone is, “an ingredient found in many skin lightening products for the purpose of reducing age spots, melisma, unwanted freckles and other types of hyper-pigmentation.”  This is a chemical that slows down the production of melanin; melanin is the dark pigment in your skin.  People with a higher level tend to have darker skin then those with a lower level of melanin.

According to the article, “Effects of Hydroquinone on Skin” since Hydroquinone is considered a harsh chemical, there have been certain side effects reported by people who have used lightening products containing Hydroquinone.

Skin irritations are common when using bleaching creams and can range from slightly red, blotchy spots to  skin that has the appearance of being bruised.  Using bleaching creams can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, causing you to burn faster than normal.  Remember to always apply sunscreen when going outdoors in the summer and even in the winter. 

Skin discolorations can be a result of using a product that has a high percentage of Hydroquinone.  If using bleaching creams avoid using products that have more than 2%.

If you are looking to lighten your skin at least three to four shades, or to even out your skin tone, consider products that are made from all natural ingredients.  FloClaire has a range of lightening products that will lighten your skin two to three shades.  The active lightening ingredients in their O’tentika and Hypercreme lightening lines are Mulberry Root Extract and Licorice Extract.  These are completely safe for your skin and do not have any side effects as creams that contain Hydroquinone.

For more in depth information on the effects of using Hydroquinone visit http://www.livestrong.com/article/180069-the-effects-of-hydroquinone-on-skin/.

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The Best Stretch Mark Cream

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Stretch marks, or striae can appear on anyone’s body as a result of rapid weight gain, during pregnancy (for women) and in the teenage years when the body is growing quickly and hormones are out of balance. When they first form, stretch marks appear as reddish or purple streaks on your skin. As they begin to heal they can turn lighter or silvery sometimes leaving deep scars on the skin that are difficult to get rid of.

That’s why preventing stretch marks before they form on your body is best.  However if you’ve got embarrassing stretch marks you’ll want to find the best products that are formulated specifically for stretch marks to get rid of them as soon as possible. Some women who have stretch marks on their lower stomach, upper arm or thigh area simply try their best to cover them up with clothing. But if you want to get out there and wear your swimsuit proudly, there are products designed for getting rid of stretch marks that you can try.

The best products for stretch marks include ingredients that nourish the skin, such as Vitamins A, C, D and E. Other ingredients that are formulated to deeply moisturize the skin reduce the damage and regulate the production of melanin in the skin helping to smooth out the appearance of the stretch marks.  They are wheat germ oil (which contains vitamin E) natural Shea butter, white mulberry and licorice root oil.

The best stretch mark cream contains natural ingredients that actually help to fade the appearance of stretch marks.

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3 Tips for Getting Rid of Unwanted Freckles

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Getting rid of unwanted freckles is possible, however it will take some time and effort to do so. Freckles are small, flat, dark spots that appear on the skin mainly during the summer months of sun exposure.  Freckles are not harmful and they usually fade away by themselves.  This typically happens when the weather gets colder and people stop going outside as much as they did in the summer.

If you have freckles on your face and you want to get rid of them, here are some tips that you can try:

1. Apply lemon juice to your freckles with your hands and leave it on for 15 minutes. Avoid any sun exposure afterwards.

2. Apply a mask of yogurt and honey to your freckles. Leave it on your skin for 30 minutes and then gently rinse it off.

3. Use an all natural skin lightening cream after your normal skincare routine twice a day, until your freckles have receded.  Once that happens you can continue to use the lightening products, once a day or once every other day.

Now that we have talked about getting rid of unwanted freckles, you should know that they are completely preventable. You can avoid getting freckles by always protecting your skin with sunscreen when you are going out in the sun.

Don’t forget that you must re-apply sunscreen when you sweat it off. Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your face and eyes from the harmful UVA rays from the sun.

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