How to Care for Your Beautiful Skin in Winter

With winter just around the corner and snow falling in my “neck of the woods”, I decided that I would take the time and find some simple steps that would help me during the long cold winter ahead.

I stumbled across an article entitled, “Skin Care in Winter-Help Your Dry Itchy Skin”, featured on the website that listed just a few simple tips on how to avoid the “winter skin itch”.  When I started reading the article I was surprised at how insightful it was about the symptoms that most people have and how they react to them.  As for me, I never use moisturizer in the summer and only start to apply it when my skin is already cracked, dry, itchy and painful.  Avoid doing this, it takes a lot longer to heal your skin than it does to prevent the “winter skin itch”.

Some simple steps listed in the article are basically to, not over wash your skin in hot water, as well as exfoliating once a week.  When you get out of the shower apply your moisturizer immediately.  Your skin is more absorbent when it is damp.

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